3 New Facts about Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a supplement that needs more exposure! For almost 20 years I've been testing and researching to find the critical risk factors involved in common heart palpitations. What I've learned in all that time is that there is no one single factor that triggers heart palpitations. For each of us, the trigger can be different. This is why you are having so much trouble trying to find your personal cure for this nasty and scary condition.

Very early in my research, I learned that digestive processes were intricately connected to the onset of palpitations for many people. I also learned that internal inflammation was a powerful trigger for palpitations.

To that end, I found many supplements that helped to address specific risk factors. Each of them contributed to suppressing the conditions that enable palpitations to exist.


When you are chasing a monster, like heart palpitations is, you tend to get focussed on the here and now and upon anything that will stop your immediate palpitation nightmare. Because of this, I've discovered that other collateral issues can creep into the formula. The trick is to know and to understand the significance and potential impact of any change in your health condition – no matter how small! You must become very self-aware.

Through the years, I've managed to control my internal conditions that allow heart palpitations. However, I did notice that some other health issues cropped up over the past few years. At first, I didn't connect them to palpitations.

The issues I'm talking about include tendon or ligament issues that made me feel like I had arthritis. X-rays proved that I didn't have arthritis, but I did still have the pain in my joints that felt like I did. The pain was not always constant. It travelled from joint to joint over time. For ten days I might have sore hip flexors, then suddenly it's gone and moved on to my shoulder! It was like a traveling virus of some sort. Nothing I could do was changing this condition, and doctors were at a loss to explain it.

Then, last weekend I travelled to another town in my area to work on a computer system for my accountant. I promised to meet my buddy in that town for coffee while I was there. I hadn't seen him in over a year. When we met, my friend was shocked at how “sore” I appeared to be.

He told me about this glucosamine and chondroitin supplement he was taking, and about how fast it fixed his issues. I knew about this supplement since my wife had been using it to try to escape having a hip replacement. I never really looked into it. Glucosamine was widely available at most health stores. I just never bothered to see it as possible connection to heart palpitations.

That said, I decided to get hold of some glucosamine to see what it might do. I bought some Natural Factors Glucosamine the very day my friend and I had coffee. What happened in the next three days has been life-changing and it is was prompted me to write this article.

On the first day, my right hip pain during sleep vanished. By the second day, my knees and back felt about 50% stronger. I was more able to run up and down stairs without issue.

By the third day, I found myself doing more chores, cutting the grass, and generally more work around the house than normal. I was not tired all day long and as I sit here tonight writing this article, I can say that I've never felt better! And I guess for secondary health benefit, this extra motivation to get up and move and do stuff is going to cause me to lose some weight as well!

After the second day of feeling so good, I decided to do some research into glucosamine and chondroitin. What I learned was amazing! I wrote a guest article for Corona Naturals that included a significant revelation for me.

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows that I've focussed in on issues around “Gut Health” as they relate to heart palpitations. I was pleased to learn that glucosamine and chondroitin have a powerful effect upon our gut health. My article says the following about glucosamine and gut health:

… glucosamine is also vital for gut health as it serves an important role in the health of your microbiome, which has been shown in numerous clinical studies to play a part in everything from chronic inflammation to disease development. You can search WebMd and find many of these studies.

An Australian study showed that supplementation with glucosamine sulfate may alter the composition of the beneficial bacteria in your gut, which could have far-reaching effects on health and immunity.

Glucosamine is a helpful supplement for improving digestive function and repairing the lining of the GI tract. It’s even been shown to be an effective leaky gut supplement, combating a condition sometimes called “intestinal permeability,” in several animal studies.

Once these particles enter the bloodstream, they often trigger inflammation or initiate or worsen immune responses in the body. These include food sensitivities, arthritis and autoimmune conditions. Research suggests that glucosamine supplements, or naturally glucosamine-rich bone broth, could help repair damaged tissue and lower inflammation related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a condition that is notoriously painful and hard to treat.

We've long known that inflammation is directly related to palpitations. The articles on my main website talk about a range of factors that tend to promote inflammation. To address internal inflammation I had used supplements like Dr. Gundry's “Total Restore” or “Microcidin” from VitaAid Labs. Each of them works to promote a healthy gut and gut lining. I had never considered glucosamine for anything other than simple bone or joint support.

So if you are in search of a way to prevent heart palpitations, and if you have any other health issues that include sore joints or a sensitive digestive tract, then you may wish to try one bottle of Glucosamine/Chondroitin capsules. If you are like me, you'll notice a difference within a few days.

Since we are all looking for answers, and since I've spent 20 years discovering how closely connected to the digestive tract these palpitations can be, you may find that glucosamine makes that small change you need to be free of conditions that allow palpitations to happen.

At the same time, I would also ensure that I kept using ReMag magnesium supplement. This form of magnesium is a nano-sized particle and does not promote diarrhea like other forms of magnesium. Your heart has the highest concentration of magnesium in your body. Keep it running smoothly!

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About the Author: Nick Walsh

Nick began blogging about heart palpitations in 2002, after suffering multiple afib events that landed him in the ER with heart rates in excess of 210 BPM! Nick studied medical sciences in University and spent 7 years researching the risk factors for palpitations before discovering his own mechanisms to control or eliminate his palpitations. He shares that experience with you here.