About – Stop Heart Palpitations

This website began as a response to a sudden onset of heart palpitations I suffered back in August of 2002.  Just like you feel today, I thought I was dying! That feeling is something one never forgets.

My attacks increased over the months, and often lasted two hours or more.  There was no way I could live with these palpitations.  Either they had to go, or I had to go. Life really sucked at this point.

I spent the first five years diving in and researching the risk factors for palpitations.  I had all of the tests the doctors could throw at me, and still, they had no answers – other than to dope me up with toxic pharmaceutical drugs – or offer me ablation therapy.

In 2007 I made some significant breakthroughs.  I discovered a number of things that the doctors weren't considered as a risk factor. Once this happened, the successes piled up and I spread the word about my findings.  As a result, I came under very heavy criticism from people who can't stand the idea that there are other ideas – especially when it comes to managing your own health. Doctors who read this site nearly always go apoplectic on me. But I'm not arguing with them. The results speak for themselves.

You can view the latest palpitations report right here –  “Stopping or Preventing Heart Palpitations“.