In 2002 I suffered major palpitations after a very stressful week. In the ten days that followed, I found myself in ER 7 times! One episode had me tabled and strapped to an ECG with a heart rate of 220 beats per minute.  That lasted nearly 2 hours.  My bladder filled every 20 minutes.  I was certain I was going to die.

When I laid down at night, and tried to sleep on my left side, my palpitations would start up immediately.  Within a few months, they  would start up if I sat down after dinner.  Then soon they would start up if I bent over to pick up my shoes!  It began to affect my work.  I feared dying or losing my job.  The stress was too much.

I had a lot of medical training in university, and as a computer expert since 1986, I dug in for the long fight.  I knew I could not live with this monster.  It goes or I go!  That was the ultimatum in 2002.

Fast forward to 2014 after thousands of hours research.  I have access to some of the best medical databases on the planet including the US Clinical Trials database, the US Patent office, the Duke Phyto-chemical Database and the US National Library of Medicine. 

What I have learned has been an incredible journey, and  allowed me to meet some fantastic people all over the world. In the process of communication with people, and constantly working to identify the risk factors for palpitations, I was able to free myself of palpitations in about 2009 - give or take.  I took copious notes as I identified the causes of palpitations, and the factors that make them better or worse. 

I have now published my 4th generation "Regimen" - which I make freely available to anyone who wishes to read it.  It does not purport to be a cure, since each of us is different.  It could, however, serve as a jump off point for anyone else interested in researching palpitations. 

I am working on this project in an "Open Source" fashion since I have totally lost faith, and respect, for the medical community.  ?My journeys through the US Patent office were enough to make a head spin.  I found that pretty much any natural product that has any modicum of efficacy will be immediately sought after for patenting by "Big Pharma".  When Big Pharma let slip (through their disclosures to the patent office) that CARVACROL (the active ingredient in Wild Oil of Oregano) was more effective than their top five antibiotics in the fight against H1N1, that was the final straw.  I confirmed with the World Health Organization that Wild Oil Of Oregano was, indeed, responsible for the people in Turkey to have the lowest infection rate on the planet for H1N1. 

This site will continue to publish leading edge research on any matter that appears to affect heart palpitations.  Readers are encouraged to read with an open mind, and of course, do your diligence and research.  


We started this site in 2002 in response to the need for communication about heart palpitations. It became clear that people all over the world were suffering from heart palpitations, and doctors where essentially all doing the same thing. They ignored the problem and just offered toxic medications to mask the symptoms.

Too many of us were not satisfied with this matter and so we pooled our knowledge and when Open Source on our research. After 15 years, we have learned a few things. We want to pass those benefits back to you!

Nick Walsh
Blaine, Washington, USA