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Hey folks! Okay. The experiment with the forum is over! I tried to offer a quiet place where we could discuss heart palpitations, but due to the nature of mankind,... Read more »
Stop Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitation Survival Guide

Be sure to check out our full-length article about the 9 Points to consider when designing a Heart Palpitation Survival Guide Read more »

Is Mask Wearing Killing Your Kidneys?

Once corporations, who jump on the "virtue signaling bandwagon", realize that this information means that the corporations will become liable for damages to anyone who is harmed by their ignorant and unfounded... Read more »

Top Quercetin and Immune Supplements

If anyone has been paying attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you will have noticed that for some reason the medical establishment doesn't want people to know about the use of Hydroxychloroquine... Read more »
amazon top Sellers

Best Selling Supplements From Amazon

Our sophisticated software can review Amazon's back end data to determine from the thousands of sales which are the best selling top products. This list below are the top selling Amazon... Read more »
Afib Treatment

Afib Treatment Traditional Medicine and Alternative Options!

As you can imagine this can cause all kinds of problems. One danger that you may not be aware of is it could manufacture blood clots, which might raise the chance of... Read more »
Vascular Stroke

Vascular Stroke Screening Helps Indicate Early Stroke Detection Risks

Finding out if you have a problem with your arteries gives you the chance to lower your risk factors for a stroke or heart attack before it happens by making lifestyle changes... Read more »
Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation Causes – 3 of the Big Risk Factors

Today I'm going to share with you 3 of the most common atrial fibrillation causes. If you had to guess what do you think is the most important muscle in the human... Read more »

Palpitations -11 Ways To Control Them

Ordinarily I would be posting this material on Facebook, however, as some you may realize by now, there are some nefarious activities going in the political world that involve this so-called COVID-19... Read more »
Mercury in Your Teeth

Mercury in Your Teeth Poisoning You?

In recent weeks I've been working on research around the dangers of mercury in vaccines, and when a friend reminded me of this subject, I thought it would be appropriate to do... Read more »
Gut Bacteria

Corona Virus – 1 Way To Stop It!

Over 20 years ago a good friend of mine from university gave me what turned out to be the best advice I ever received. My friend and I studied medical sciences... Read more »
chronic inflammation

Heart Palpitations 2020

To Understand Heart Palpitations, You Must Understand the Associated Risk Factors The list of supplements below was developed by this writer over a 21 year period of research. Depending upon individual risk... Read more »