Bacopa Update

A few days ago I wrote about a herb that I had been trying for stomach inflammation issues. I want to be able to put an end to all palpitations, regardless of their origin. I can honestly say that tripping into this herb has been a godsend. It is changing my life in ways I never expected.

As a computer geek who spends far too much time sitting at the computer, I carry too much weight, and that weight surely must affect my overall health.

So what I have noticed since I started taking Bacopa is that I just feel great, and I feel like doing more stuff! Example, last night I got home from work at 6 pm. Normally I'd go for a quick nap then have dinner and work on my websites for the rest of the evening. But last night I got home and grabbed my golf clubs, then went out and walked 18 holes of golf! That is a ton of exercise that I otherwise would not have gotten!

In addition, I notice that I am just not as hungry as I normally am. So, I'm eating less and getting about 80% more exercise. That has to be good for me. I'm down two belt notches in the past week. I've googled “bacopa and appetite” for have not yet found any indication for Bacopa to be a diet pill. Perhaps I should write to Dr. Oz about this? Regardless, I feel so good that I am going to continue with this trial for another month or two and see where it takes me.

Oh yes… and PALPITATIONS? They are the furthest thing from my mind while taking this supplement.