I Beat My Heart Palpitations!

It's alway great to get feedback from readers who have taken steps in their own journey to be free of heart palpitations. I have so many success stories just like this one.

Every once in a while I get a letter from a reader thanking me. One such writer recently said:

A recent Italian study links H. Pylori to Atrial Fibrillation. Italian researchers say the idea for the study came after they discovered that many of the patients treated at their cardiology clinic for atrial fibrillation also had stomach problems.

VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY ATTACKS WAS ALSO ACCOMPANIED BY STOMACH ISSUES. One time it hit me while driving over the mountains to visit a friend. I ended up in hospital WITH THE WORST BOUT OF PALPITATIONS EVER! Gulping down Tums and GASX which helped a lot, but didn't totally stop it. I told the doctor on duty why I was taking GASX, but he just thought I was nuts.

Doctors never seem to make the connection between heart palpitations and digestion. Why is it you and I have made the connection and the ‘specialists' haven't? By the way, when the study also says that Afib victims are 20 times more likely to test positive for H. Pylori. That means they are 2000% more likely to have H. Pylori. You would think that this fact is significant!

It seems to me that the medical profession is deliberately suppressing the real causes of heart palpitations or Afib. The Italian study also notes that afib patients also manifested STOMACH PROBLEMS!

After reading your blog, I started to pay attention and sure enough, every time I had an afib attack I also had accompanying stomach problems! I finally forced my doctor to give me the h. pylori test. He really resisted this. But since I got rid of the h. pylori it’s been GREAT. I get the odd flutter, but nothing serious, like before! I feel like I have my life back.

And when I reflect back on my life, I can recall having afib attacks going back decades. The doctors prescribed atenolol, but I don't like the way they make me feel, so I have a little supply as “emergency backup” if I ever need it.

The stomach-afib connection is a MAJOR finding and one that I was NOT told about by ANY of the doctors! Okay. Here's the compliment. Nick, it is YOU I have to thank for the well being I now have! Had YOU not insisted I get checked for H. Pylori a year or so ago, I'd STILL be rotating thru emergency rooms. This is probably the single biggest gift you could have ever given me and I am sincerely appreciative. Please pass this on to others on your site so they can benefit too. As a result of this whole Afib thing, doctors scare the hell out of me. I must admit to having lost a huge amount of faith in them. Your not a doctor, but it was YOU who came up with the one thing that has, so far, put an end to this beast!

Abbotsford, BC Canada