The Benefits of Grounding

As we close out the year 2018, there have been many eye-opening bits of information that warrant discussion.  Back in August I began taking a close look at the phenomenon of “grounding”.  

What Is Grounding?
Grounding, often called “earthing”, and is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

Around the time that leather shoes were replaced by rubber-soled running shoes and hiking shoes, we all got isolated from the Earth by these non-conductive materials. This includes wood, plastic, laminate, and asphalt (flooring surfaces). If you look at the medical charts over time, you can see the correlation between chronic inflammation and the onset of our isolation from the earth. It is actually quite shocking to see.  

In this past summer, I started sitting out in my with my bare feet on the ground. I would either read a book or work on my laptop for about an hour.  I noticed day after day that I felt so good after those sessions.  I decided to do more research on it.

Taking Grounding To The Next Level
I knew that my increased feeling of wellness had to be related to what I was doing with the grounding, so I decide to order some grounding products and really give it a test.  

I ordered a grounding mat to put under my computer so that every hour I would spend on the computer (that is many hours per day!) I would be grounded.  I also ordered some wrist and body bands so that I could be grounded while I slept.  

My wife was skeptical about this entire thing.  She thought this was just another of my wild ideas!  However, after the body bands arrived, I talked into trying it, and that changed everything!  For the past two or three years, my wife had swollen feet.  I suspected it might be related to her heart since a weak heart will nearly always manifest in swollen feet.  But doctor reports and test all suggested that her heart was fine.  

On the very first day that my wife used the grounding band to sleep with, and the next day she yelled at me from the bathroom.  Her swollen feet were no longer swollen!  She's been sleeping grounded ever since and the feet have not been swollen since then.  

Additionally, my wife reported recently that she can now take her ring off her finger without having to use soap or grease! She assumed that her swollen knuckles were the result of arthritis, and she thought that eventually, she'd have to have the ring cut off.  Now she can slip the ring on and off with ease!

[Amended Entry Jan 4th, 2019] My wife has a family history of “macular degeneration. In 25 years her eyes have always had this tiny black spot in the field of vision. This week she proclaimed that the tiny dot is no longer there. She cannot find it anywhere! She is attributing this to something that the grounding is doing. I don't know the medical reason for this, but I do know that this is a HUGE health benefit for my wife.

My own experience centers around my impinged shoulder.  Until I started grounding, I could not raise my right arm above my chest.  I could not even hold a cup of coffee out in front of me with my right arm.  I had difficulty drying myself after a shower since my right arm was too painful to move.  I couldn't wash my hair with both hands on my head either.  It was annoying.  Two months into grounding, I am now able to move my arm to about 90% of its capacity.  I can wash my hair, and reach out in front of me without pain!

All of this personal evidence caused me to do even more research.  I discovered many things about grounding.  Some of the benefits include:

  • It reduces blood viscosity considerably. So much so that they recommend you discuss grounding with your doctor if you are taking any blood thinning drugs.
  • Because of the better blood viscosity, the risk of stroke is reduce by as much as 70% – according to some studies
  • Free radicals in the body are mopped up with great intensity – to the point where if you do a live blood analysis, you'll notice that your blood cells are no longer chained together. They are all roaming around as single cells.  

One of the biggest deals for me is the relationship of grounding to the normalization of heart rhythm.  The body is one big electrical system. All muscles and nerves run on your body's natural electrical activity.  If you are positively charged to the point where electrical conductivity is compromised, then some body systems are going to experience stress and dysfunction.  

Since I began grounding back in June, I've never felt so relaxed.  I fall to sleep fast and I sleep a solid 8 hours every night!  I am grounded for that entire time.  I find myself in a better mood, and I feel like doing more during the day.

I am a strong believer in my core supplement base, but I feel that grounding is that missing ingredient that I've been looking for. And the great thing about grounding is that you don't have to “buy a bottle of it every month!”  About $30 worth of equipment for grounding is all you ever need and it will last for years and years!

I should also mention that grounding is also strongly related to your physical location, or proximity to the ground. If you live on the ground floor of a house, you will have less free radical damage than you would if you lived on the 17th floor of a condo complex!  For every 10 feet you rise above the ground, your free radical charge goes up by a volt or two.  I show readings of 2 – 4 volts in my ground level home, but my kid – who lives on the 17th floor of his apartment will show 12 – 14 volts!

I will also say in closing that you are not going to hear much about grounding in the news or on TV.  Pharmaceutical companies collectively make over $20 Trillion per month!  They buy politicians and media establishments in order to maintain their strangle hold on “cures”. In fact, the word “Cure” is banned by most health regulatory agencies.  Anyone who uses that word in association with anything that is not pharmaceutical will be shut down.  So I am not saying that grounding is a cure for anything at all.  I am saying that you should try grounding to see what benefits you might find.  And I'd love to hear your experiences!

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