Palpitations -11 Ways To Control Them

Everyone Wants To Know Why They Have Palpitations

Ordinarily I would be posting this material over on Facebook, however, as some you may realize by now, there are some nefarious activities going in the political world that involve this so-called COVID-19 pandemic. I call it a Plandemic, and I'll explain as we go. If I post any information about how I fixed my heart palpitation problems, Facebook will either NOT allow the post, or they will delete it right after I post it.

The reason is that much of what I talk about also has a profound effect on how I protect myself from this COVID-19 virus. The large corporations have their eyes fixed on marketing a vaccine and so any talk of prophylactic measures that might render a vaccine irrelevant is just going to be allowed to stand.

The Truth About Palpitations

Palpitations -11 Ways To Control Them 1

On my Facebook page that I talked about above, you'll find several hundred users who discuss their daily heart palpitation issues. While I originally set up that page to help show people how to find the cause of their palpitations, it quickly became evident that people in the group are not interested in working hard to find their cause. They just want the one pill that will fix it all. I have news for you. That pill does not exist.

There is an old saying that goes like this: “It is only when the mosquito lands on his nuts, that man suddenly considers there may be alternative methods that don't include violence!”

What Do You Do?

You have a headache. What do you do? You've been trained since birth to reach for a toxic pharmaceutical pill. Your blood pressure is too high. Once again, you reach for that toxic pharmaceutical pill. You're told you have high cholesterol! What do you do? Yet again, you go and reach for that toxic pharmaceutical pill. What people don't understand about the human body is that it is very resilient and adaptable.

For 35 years I worked in the Correctional system, managing Offender programs. After years of consuming toxic pharmaceutical medications these offenders would come for treatment. The drug doses they took would kill you or me. But their bodies adjusted. They could handle it. The same is true when you take toxic pharmaceutical pills to try to suppress heart palpitations.


Ask your doctor, when he/she writes the prescription, “Is this pill going to cure me, or just suppress the symptoms?” The doctor won't like the question, and that is because the entire sickness industry is owned and managed by former executives from large pharmaceutical companies.

If you know anyone who has been on a beta-blocker for palpitations, ask them about their experiences. You'll find that the medication worked for a few months, or maybe even several months, but in the long run it is very likely that they had to go back to the doctor for potency increase, or for a different medication completely.

So Really! What Do You Do?

The first thing you always do when you experience heart palpitations is to go to your doctor, or your hospital, and get checked out. There are times when you have a physical defect that is causing the issue. You may have a prolapsed mitral valve or a minor leaky valve. You could have an arterial blockage that is causing angina. You could have multiple blockages. THE ABSOLUTE FIRST THING TO DO IS GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR TO RULE OUT ANY OF THESE CONDITIONS.

Once your doctor has run the tests, you'll get a report or a rundown on your condition. If you are told that you are fine, that your blood work is normal, and the echo and cardiograms show no heart defect, and if you pass the treadmill test… then you should be happy to know that the problem is now back in your court to solve. Sure, the doctor will almost always offer to prescribe toxic pharmaceutical pills to suppress what you feel, but what you decide next will determine how well you feel for possibly many years to come.


I shouldn't have to say this. It should be painfully obvious. I am a blogger who has studied heart palpitations for about 22 years. I am NOT a doctor. I am not offering medical advice and anything you read on this blog should be considered to be anecdotal experiences that I relate to you as a jump-off point for you to do your own research. I am not now and never will offer a diagnosis for any medical condition. I say this stuff because doctors are so apoplectic about financial losses to their sickness industry that they will try to stop anyone who offers alternative viewpoints about the use and efficacy of common medications that they market to you.

The Landscape

I've been studying this issue for 22 years. I've talked with more than a thousand sufferers in that time. In almost every case, those who are given a clean bill of health from their doctors, and who continue to suffer heart palpitations – THE CAUSE IS NEARLY ALWAYS IN THEIR DIGESTION!

Here is a great article on the subject of Roemheld syndrome. This site does a great job of breaking down the issue but stops short of making indictions about what people have done to fix the problem.

In most of the successful cases I've seen, people have taken steps to normalize their digestive tracts. In the old days, we didn't have to worry about this stuff. Our food was grown under better conditions. Meat was not injected with toxic growth hormones, Glyphosate (RoundUp) was not sprayed onto our vegetables!

When we talk about the digestive tract, that too opens up many avenues. there are many ways a digestive tract can go into a state of dysbiosis. Here are just a few examples:

  • H. Pylori – You are a pet owner, or have little kids in the house. Dogs and cats will almost always transmit h. pylori to you. Kids will play out in the dirt and mud! This is nature's way of exposing them to things in the environment that will cause their immune systems to strengthen. But YOU don't play in the mud anymore and so you're immune system has regressed over the years since you stopped having that kind of fun. You should go get an h. pylori test to rule it out.
  • SIBO – You've been watching the mainstream media, who are just propaganda arms of the 6 major corporations that run everything in America. They beat you over the head every day with their commercials advertising probiotics! The result is that most people get too many probiotics and that bacteria overpopulates the upper intestines, then migrates into the lower intestines where it causes all kinds of issues with the native population. The result is that you get gas, bloating, and often feel sick and tired. You may need to see a naturopath to get this tested.
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities – If you have one or both of the first two points in this example, then chances are you are also feeling like you have food sensitivities. Some people feel sensitive to gluten. Others feel like they can't handle peanuts or corn. Many are sensitive to milk products. Milk products are an entire essay until themselves. Adult humans have no need for milk products. Milk products cause massive amounts of inflammation and mucus. Give them up.

What I chose to do for myself was to first ensure that my doctor cleared me of any serious health issues having to do with my heart. Once I got that done, I started to research and find out what was going on with my system. Both my wife and I were positive for h. pylori. My brother also had it. I found out that about half the population has it, and for many people there are no side effects that they notice. My wife and I also had SIBO. It was much more serious in my wife than me. She was always one to over do the probiotics.

We made some real progress once my wife's naturopath got the results of her SIBO test back. My wife had to send stool samples to a lab somewhere in Utah for testing. What I found interesting in the report was that the lab indicated that one of the only ingredients capable of killing the offending bacteria was Colloidal Silver!

In terms of dealing directly with the SIBO, the naturopath recommended a product that would address the needs of the lower intestines and help it to recover from the overabundance of this bacteria and candida. The product Gail used is called GI Revive. This product offered the most profound and rapid change for her.

What we ended up doing is mixing Willard's Water with a gallon of filtered water and then adding three caps full of the Colloidal Silver. This makes a gallon what looks like apple juice. In reality, it is high alkaline Willard's Water with Colloidal Silver mixed in. My wife and I both drank about a gallon of this water every day.

Here's where the “lack of Facebook censoring comes in. Most of what I talk about here also has significant ramifications for the COVID-19 virus, as well as palpitations. Most of us knew there was a problem with the management of this pandemic when suddenly big pharma and the World Health Organization, along with every single mainstream media company, crapped all over the idea of using this 60-year-old malaria medication called Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

I remember my old university science classes. When we had a hypothesis about a product or thing, everyone would grab hold of it and put it to the test. In this case, no one in the room even wants to talk about HCQ. This fact sets off alarm bells for me. What are they hiding? What is their agenda?

Many of the supplements that I take to ensure that I am always free of palpitations, just happen to also be very useful in protecting me from the Corona Virus. You see, the mechanism for HCQ to help with stopping Covid-19 is not that the drug itself kills the virus. It is the fact that the drug does some things that allow the water-soluble zinc to cross the fat-soluble cell membrane. It is the zinc that kills the virus, but in order to do that, it has to be able to reach the site. If you are interested, you can read about the efficacy of zinc and copper over at the US National Library of Medicine.

The active ingredient in HCQ that facilitates the transport of zinc across the membrane is Quinine! You can get quinine from Tonic Water and other products. The best one that I like and take every day is Quercetin. This product is a natural source of quinine. I take a capsule of zinc and one of quercetin every day. At the same time, I drink a gallon of my filtered water that has Willard's Water and Colloidal Silver in it.

There are two other products that I take to round out my regimen to stay healthy and free of palpitations. The first is glutathione, and the second is Bacopa.

You'll find bacopa in a lot of brain supplements. For me, I find it enhances my sense of relaxation while at the same time keeping my mind really sharp. I just sit there feeling so damned good! The glutathione is a more involved supplement.

When patients are admitted to hospital for overdosing on Tylenol, they are there because the Tylenol wiped out all of their glutathione stores. As we age, glutathione starts to drop off fast. By the time we are in our 70s there is not much left at all. This is the reason that so many elderly are affected by the Corona Virus. We know that the virus creates a “cytokine” storm in our bodies. A healthy person with sufficient glutathione would have the horsepower to stomp out the cytokine storm. But when you lack the glutathione to do the trick, that is when you suffer. According to “Science Direct” –

Oral and IV glutathione, glutathione precursors (N-acetyl-cysteine) and alpha lipoic acid may represent a novel treatment approach for blocking NF-κB and addressing “cytokine storm syndrome” and respiratory distress in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia.

Science Direct

Since I am over 40 (well over 40), I take no chances. Glutathione is a regular part of my daily supplement regime.

There is so much more we could talk about, but for now, this had been the critical information I wanted to get out about how I control my palpitations and avoid any coronavirus issues.

Stay safe! and Be Well!

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About the Author: Nick Walsh

Nick began blogging about heart palpitations in 2002, after suffering multiple afib events that landed him in the ER with heart rates in excess of 210 BPM! Nick studied medical sciences in University and spent 7 years researching the risk factors for palpitations before discovering his own mechanisms to control or eliminate his palpitations. He shares that experience with you here.