Is There A Cure For Ebola?

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You would have to be hiding under a rock not to know about the world-wide Ebola scare going on right now. Sadly, mankind is proving once again that it lacks sufficient IQ points to protect itself. Because of the fear of racial profiling, exceedingly relevant data was NOT passed on the to the doctor who treated the poor man in Dallas that has become infected with Ebola. Because the likely “fired-by-now” nurse did not want include that the man was travelling from Africa, the doctor was prevented from knowing this all-important information that could have saved hundreds, or even thousands, of lives. Folks, we have a recipe for disaster. Why is this?

We have bureaucrats in charge of organizing a response. We have an FDA that operates more as a policing arm for Big Pharma, and an undocumented and unqualified president who is more likely to go golfing after hearing the pandemic is now on his shores. Do you remember the Iraq war and the giant corporation that profited from arms sales and continued warfare? I am sorry to be so cynical but is not different today. It's just a new group at the trough. Once the Ebola outbreaks are significant enough to create intense pain for Americans, Big Pharma will just to the rescue with the vaccine they've been sitting on the 12 years! You know they are only going to manufacture it when there is enough profit in it for them to pay attention.

Having said that, perhaps this will be the pandemic that wakes mankind up. In my business (the software industry) we have what's called “open source”. It means – everything I know about the source code is open to everyone. Ten thousand programmers can pool their collective intellect to address development processes. It means you can buy an operating system for $10 that is really worth $150,000 a copy! ?At the same time, medicine is “closed source”. This means that every greedy little bureaucrat at the head of each company closely guards company codes and secrets. Its a race of individuals toward a finish line. Along the way, they'll steal from each other, kill each other, spy on each other, bribe governments, buy governments, finance wars, start race riots, and even bankrupt countries to get what they want. They win. You lose.

Am I being too harsh on the FDA? Tim will tell. Will big pharma allow anyone on the planet to even discuss potential cures for Ebola that don't come directly from their siblings in Big Pharma? I'm guessing they will go as far as hiring people to go after anyone who gets close to a promising cure.

I have personally used botanicals like Wild Oil of Oregano to rid myself of lung infections going back 20 years. I researched the US Patent office and found that at least a half dozen pharmaceutical companies were trying to patent the active ingredient “carvacrol” to develop an aerosol dispersal mechanism for the product. In their submissions to the patent office, these companies claimed that carvacrol was more powerful than their top five antibiotics!

I have also recently experimented with Gentian root extract. According to the Duke Phyto-nutritional Database there are many majorly powerful antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibiotic effects to be derived from this plant. ?

When I read the reports today that there has been a lot of activity around Garcinia Kola nut (Kola Bitters) and it potential ability to stop ebola, I secretly wondered if this would be the start of the end of Big Pharma's reign. When the world is facing a pandemic the size of this one, there are no forces that can stop a sovereign man from protecting his family – especially when societal protection agencies abrogate their responsibilities. Its no longer the mid-seventh century. The big no longer eat the small. It is the fast that eat the slow.

I would like to hear from anyone who might have experience with Gentian Root (Bitters) and ebola. I doubt that anyone has tried this yet, as it is not indicated in any medical text. I am certainly no doctor, and I would not want to interfere with legitimate treatment, but the matter does leave me curious. ?Gentian Root has many of the same properties as Garcinia Kola Nut. I just wonder if it has been tested.