Dealing With Heart Palpitations and Afib

It's that time of the year once again. I cannot believe how fast time flies! As we close out 2017 and move toward 2018 and new challenges, I look back on the ground we covered. They say that when you get older, the time goes faster. That is the one thing, sadly, that is so true! by August of 2018, it will have been 15 years that I've been researching and working on the heart palpitation issue. The good news is that I know how to stop my palpitations – and I am no longer afraid or anxious about any signal that I'll have another episode starting up. I have the tools to hammer this nasty little annoyance back into its horrid hole.

The sad news is that the same situation with the medical industry exists today as it did back in 2002. Doctors continue to either ignore the obvious or just blindly keep on pimping for Big Pharma. Either way, it's damn maddening. I really wish that mankind could just do the right thing and not always be so concerned about the almighty dollar. The medical profession's only solution to heart palpitations is to tell patients that it is all in their heads. They tell patients that they should just cut out caffeine and exercise more. Of course, they never miss an opportunity to get you taking their beta blockers!

What makes this all worth while for me is talking with some of the great people from this blog.There have been some life changing events for many of you and honestly, your reports often make me tear up. I think of Phil T and his wife who turned the corner and will now live a long and healthful life. Helping just one person makes it all worth it.

For what it's worth, I have emails from 17 countries! Next to the issues in the USA, the hardest hit countries for palps are Australia, England, and India. I feel bad for Europe since the Aloe Gel that I recommend doesn't seem available over there, but there are some promising reports about another brand that my visitors tell me works well.

Over the 15 years that I've been studying this stuff, I have identified a number of supplements that are proven to be most effective in preventing me from going into afib or otherwise having palpitations. I will create a page for these supplements short. Check the menu bar for the “Supplement” page. Each of us will differ in health needs, but many of you have asked what I take, so there it is.All of the links to any supplements I recommend point to Amazon, so it's a safe place to purchase. I use Amazon simply because they are the number one retailer on the planet and they ship fast and never ever make a mistake.

I will publish articles in the near future related to why I take some of these supplements and just how they worked for me. You will soon learn that my prime recommendation is for Aloe Gel. In this sense, you'll find a lot of information on Aloe Gel here on the site.

Nick Walsh