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Does Ablation Word? And If So - For How Long?

If you are certain that it is the oil and fat that is doing this, then you may have gall bladder issues. How old are you?  YOu should ask your doctor to test your gall bladder.  Your gall bladder processes the fats. If you can't process fats, then you will end up with indigestion and palpitations.  I would get the gall bladder checked.

Gallbladder clean.In the video I sent you, he talks about acid reflux and stomach hernia making heart palpitations.

A cardiological drug or reflux surgery will go to another solution. I am very tired of this situation

I hope we don't bother you.thank you for everything.I Follow you

Don't worry about bothering me!  I'm retired and have lots of time.  If gall bladder is clean, then maybe you have a hiatus hernia?  What kind of oil are you using?   The reason I ask is that a lot of people use canola oil.  Where I live, Canola oil is a pesticide. It is the main ingredient in a dozen pesticides here.  It's very  bad oil. Never use it.  Best is grapeseed oil or sunflower or sesame oil.  Next is triple cold pressed Oil oil.

no hiatal hernia but ı have acid reflux stomach cover loose. olive oil sunflower oil ı use.

foods that cause reflux ı have palpilations too.