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Why This Forum?

Forum 2Facebook and other social media accounts have come under increased pressure in the past few months.  Suddenly they seem to be involving themselves in the "censorship" business - by deleting or modifying what people post.  The US government has issued legislation to curtail their subversive efforts, but until that arena stabilizes, I'm not taking any chances.  No discussions on this site will be censored - unless people try to spam the site, or just act poorly toward others.  When that happens, I will delete the post and ban the user.

This site is here for you to learn more about the issue of heart palpitations.  We fundamentally believe that the more we all know, the better equipped we will become at solving our own issues.  I spent 6 years scouring the net for answers when I had my first palpitation attack.  Then one day I ran into a post on a forum that changed my life forever.  A fellow posted some information about Aloe Vera Gel.  I follow that up with some research and was finally able to end my palpitation problem.

For each of us, the triggers that start palpitations might be different. I believe that at some point, somewhere, you will see something that flips a switch for you.  If just one person solves their issue, then it is all worth it.