Heart Palpitations 2020

To Understand Heart Palpitations, You Must Understand the Associated Risk Factors

The list of supplements below was developed by this writer over a 21 year period of research. Depending upon individual risk factors, some of the supplements I found helpful, and others only to a minor degree.  

The unscripted video above talks about the history of this author's experience with heart palpitations and about the study and research that ent into finding out what causes them. 

No two people are exactly alike and so the factors that cause palpitations for one person will be be different from those factors that cause palpitations for others.  

This factor is the essence of why doctors are largely reluctant to tackle the issue of palpitations. Doctors know that palpitations won't harm you, and they know that often times palpitations can be effectively suppressed with medication.

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In Defense of Doctors

While this author is fairly critical of the medical industry, at the same time one can see why most doctors would just opt to prescribe medications to suppress your feeling of palpitations.

In the 21 years that I've been studying the risk factors for heart palpitations, the majority of people who go looking for help are simply not capable understanding the conditions that enabled their palpitations in the first place.  The majority of people just want “the magic pill”.  For their entire lives these people have been trained by Big Pharma and the advertising industry to trust only what they see on TV and hear on the news.  Potentially beneficial regimens that germinate outside of the Big Pharma cesspool, are simply not taken seriously. 

Those persons that do understand the message will research their own risk factors and take steps to address them. In doing so, they will stop creating the conditions in their bodies where palpitations can exist.  

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