Heart Palpitations and Gluten

If you arrived at this article because you searched for heart palpitations and gluten on Google, then congratulations. If you currently suffer from palpitations, then you also know how frightening they are. Every time you get an attack, it's as if you are having a heart attack.

This site is dedicated to the kind of palpitations that result from an increased level of acid in your body. Once you have been to see your doctor and that doctor has told you that your heart is fine and that much of the problem is in your head, then you will know you are on the right track. If the heart is considered to be otherwise healthy, then it is more like that the palpitations are the result of the dysbiosis that we discuss on this blog.

That dysbiosis is mostly the result our western diet. There are many co-factors in the game, but essentially the western diet is the primary culprit. Twenty years ago, this wasn’t a problem. So what has changed?

One of the things that has changed is that big pharma, in their effort to own and control food production everywhere, has started to genetically modify many foods and grains. Specifically, wheat product have been the hardest hit. Wheat and gluten is under attack all over the world. People are reporting illnesses and digestive distress from consuming genetically modified gluten products. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of common heart palpitations.

There isn’t enough science to prove it yet, but it's pretty clear to consumers of this product that gluten is a huge issue for us. As you will see from our Heart Palpitations Information Guide, gluten helps to create the environment where palpitations can exist.

Sadly, big pharma makes monstrous campaign contributions to senior politicians and their organizations. The game is rigged to give consumers the illusion that we live in a democracy.

Politics aside, you still have palpitations and you want them gone. So if you have already seen your doctor and got the all clear diagnosis for heart defects, then you will want to explore the landscape and try to find how to avoid creating an environment where palpitations can exist. Click on the any of the links for the “heart palpitations information guide” and begin learning how to be free of palpitations.