Heart Palpitations Explained

Heart Palpitations – Explanation

Not all heart palpitations are necessarily bad things. Sure, they are both annoying and frightening, but they are very common and there are things you can do to fix them – Most of the time!

One of the fixes for inducing a highly relaxed state in the body is by using the right kind of magnesium. Not just any magnesium will work. Most of them will just give you diarrhea. REMAG – is an amazing product for this purpose. It is available on Amazon by clicking on the image.

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About the Author: Nick Walsh

Nick began blogging about heart palpitations in 2002, after suffering multiple afib events that landed him in the ER with heart rates in excess of 210 BPM! Nick studied medical sciences in University and spent 7 years researching the risk factors for palpitations before discovering his own mechanisms to control or eliminate his palpitations. He shares that experience with you here.