Heart Palpitations and Sleep Apnea

I've been meaning to write this article for some time. Several months ago my wife went to a clinic to get herself tested for sleep apnea.  While she slept at night, I noticed that several times per hour she would stop breathing. At first, I thought she was just breathing shallow and that I couldn't hear it.  But after about a minute or more, she would suddenly gasp for air and then breath normally for a while. So after I told her this, she decided to get the testing done.

She came home with a machine and wore it for two night.  Then we went back to the clinic to see the results. She had 16 “sleep episodes” per hour.  They told us that 3 to 5 episodes would be normal.  Also, her blood oxygen levels fell to 70% while sleeping!  They should always be up in the mid to high 90s.  We bought the machine right away.

I also took a machine home that day to get some testing.  I was even worse than my wife with over 67 episodes per hour and a blood oxygen that fell to 64%!  Thankfully our health plans are good and pay for 95% of the machine cost.  So I too got a machine.

Prior to owning the machine, I would wake up to go pee about 5 times or more per night.  I just thought this was normal a man my age (62 years).  But once I started using the machine, I found that I slept completely through the night!  I would wake up 8 hours later in the same position!

The monitor also showed that my heart was having palpitations and racing a bit while I sleep.  All of this stopped once I started using the sleep apnea machine. I would never be without this machine now.  I have never slept so well in my life!

This video shows a bit of what I am talking about.

The machine I use is a “DreamStation” by Phillips.