Corona Virus – 1 Way To Stop It!

Lets All Hope We Never Need It

This site is primarily here to help people discover their risk factors for heat palpitations, but it would be negligent if we didn't tell you what we know about Wild Oil of Oregano.

As of the time of writing this article, one of the only countries that is not yet affected by the Corona Virus is Hungary.  Hungary just happens to be were they grow wild oil of oregano.

Wild Oil of Oregano and Corona Virus

Over 20 years ago a good friend of mine from university gave me what turned out to be the best advice I ever received.  My friend and I studied medical sciences in University and he went on to become a doctor.  Years later when I was in my early 40s I had asthma and needed a puffer to get by.  My doctor friend told me about Wild Oil of Oregano. He said, “I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm retiring, so I no longer care what they think!”  He told me about the strength and utility of Wild Oil of Oregano (WOO).

I followed up by going to the US Patent office to study the stuff.  I discovered that three big pharma companies were trying to patent the active ingredient in Wild Oil of Oregano (Carvacrol).  In their patent disclosures, they admitted that Wild Oil of Oregano was more effective than their top five antibiotics!

Over the years I found WOO to be most effective for lung issues.  Not only did it free me from my puffers in just a few days, but over the years is helped me to recover from two bouts of pneumonia. My family and friends use it to ward off colds and flus all of the time!

I don't know if WOO is the answer to Corona or not.  What I do know is that I would never be without it for this purpose.  It beats everything I've ever found.

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Nick began blogging about heart palpitations in 2002, after suffering multiple afib events that landed him in the ER with heart rates in excess of 210 BPM! Nick studied medical sciences in University and spent 7 years researching the risk factors for palpitations before discovering his own mechanisms to control or eliminate his palpitations. He shares that experience with you here.