Inflammation – The Root of All Disease!

My wife called me into her office yesterday. She has a TV running as she works on designing her dog training material. She is a local dog trainer. She says to me, “Hey! They're saying what you have been saying for many years! Inflammation is the big culprit!”

The TV program showed a Doctor who had written a book about inflammation. This doctor was delivering the essence of her book to an in-studio audience of about 300.

This situation actually makes me feel much better about the medical industry. It appears, at least, that on the periphery some doctors are starting to speak out about inflammation. Everywhere you go you read about inflammation. Doctor Oz, Doctor Mercola, and many others are finally opening the topic up for discussion.

I do NOT believe that doctors know very little about inflammation – as doctor Mercola suggests. I think it is more sinister than that. I believe that doctors know very well what is at the root of most diseases. I just believe that they choose to support the pharmaceutical companies – rather than to cure their patients. If you doubt this, just try discussing a “cure” online. The FDA will be down on you so fast it would make your head spin. I don't believe that the concept of “cure” is anything that the FDA could tolerate.

Thankfully, the world is changing. It would benefit you to do some research on inflammation. Once you understand the powerful effects of inflammation, you will quickly understand why the regimen that I use for preventing heart palpitations works so well.?