PuraThrive Turmeric

One huge factor in the anti-inflammatory market these days is the use of Turmeric to reduce inflammation that leads to joint pain.  I often test new products that come out to review and evaluate their effectiveness.  Today I am reviewing PuraThrive's Turmeric product.  

While the product and company are both excellent, there are some issues with using it.  We all know that turmeric is more effective in the human body when you take with black pepper and some form of oil.  Purathrive includes both of these ingredients in order to make the product much more bio-available. The downside to Purathrive is the delivery mechanism. They use an eye-dropper to dispense the product.  ​

The problem with this mechanism is that oil and turmeric tends to "gum up" the dropper.  It is cloudy as well, so you can't really see how much you are getting.  Dosing ten drops becomes problematic.  You almost need to just put the stuff on a teaspoon, or dispense ith with a hand pump, like they do with hand soap. 

As for effectiveness, I prefer to use high quality turmeric capsules.  I take the capsules with a teaspoon of coconut oil and black pepper.  Purathrive is high quality turmeric, but not quite ready for the market in this form. ​