How To Stop or Prevent Heart Palpitations

Stop heart palpitations

People all over the world suffer from heart palpitations that are so devastating that they lives are affected immensely. These people visit their doctors, but are told that their hearts are fine.

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It has been established for many years now that diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates put you at higher risk of dental decay, tooth erosion, and gum disease.

Healthy Digestion


My most preferred supplement is called “Healthy Digestion” – by Herbalist’s Best. This product is outstanding. You will learn on this site that MOST of our heart palpitations problems trace back to a digestive issue of one kind or the other.

How to Stop Heart Palpitations

Stop heart palpitations

How to Stop Heart Palpitations

Learn how to stop heart palpitations:

In this video, Caroline Ware AP will show you a very effective acupressure point to help stop or slow down heart palpitations.  This technique may not work for everyone, however, some risk factors point to the vagus nerve and nerve related triggers.  As such, understanding the mechanism that kicks palpitations into gear is useful to know.  Add this technique to your toolkit for handling heart palpitations.