Is The Mercury in Your Teeth Poisoning You?

Mercury in Your Teeth

How Much Damange Can You Handle? I talked about the dangers of mercury in our teeth about 15 years ago.  When I started researching the risk factors for heart palpitations way back in the year 2000, I eventually discovered a study done by a doctor researching mercury in fish in the North Atlantic ocean.  I …

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3 New Facts about Glucosamine


When you are chasing a monster, like heart palpitations is, you tend to get focussed on the here and now. Don’t overlook the power of glucosamine!

The Benefits of Grounding


On the very first day that my wife used the grounding band to sleep with, the next day she yelled at me from the bathroom. Her swollen feet were no longer swollen! She’s been sleeping grounded ever since and the feet have not been swollen since then.