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What You Need To Know About H.Pylori and Palpitations!

I've been studying this subject for over 12 years. I stumbled onto the link between H. Pylori and Afib about 14 months ago. Getting rid of H. Pylori assisted several local residents in my...

New Study Links Atrial Fibrillation to H. Pylori

I was diagnosed with H.Pylori a year and a half ago and I am now certain that I have had it for years. In July of 2014, I was also diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation...

The Demographics of Heart Palpitations

The sad news is that the same situation with the medical industry exists today as it did back in 2002. Doctors continue to either ignore the obvious, or just blindly keep on pimping for...

How to Stop Heart Palpitations

You are going to be very happy you found this site! I will keep this article at the top of the site so that everyone canĀ find what they are looking for quickly. (This article now...

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