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Summer Recap

Stop Heart Palpitations – Summer Recap

We're pretty much at the end of the summer now here in North America. For those of you who have managed to stay with your diet plans, kudos to you. It is very difficult...

Heart Palpitations and Gluten

If you arrived at this article because you searched for heart palpitations and gluten on Google, then congratulations. If you currently suffer from palpitations, then you also know how frightening they are. Every time...

Dangers of Excess Acid

If you constantly experience exhaustion, heart palpitations, headaches and having frequent colds and flu, then that could be it, you have high acid levels in your body. But the ill effects of acidosis in...

Does Your Bread Cause Palpitations?

This week my wife brought home some new bread. Try this, she said. It's healthy and wholesome. I looked at the package and it appeared to be a wholesome bread. It even had the name...
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