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How Suntheanine May Affect Palpitations

An estimated 65 percent of the adult population experiences some form of stress. These numbers are continually rising. Since ancient times, drinking green tea is proven to induce relaxation. For those of us who...
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How One Man Beat Palpitations after 7 Years Research!

After over seven years trying to keep up with my research findings, I felt that I could more easily share what worked for me by publishing my personal notes on the subject. I turned...
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I Beat My Heart Palpitations!

It's alway great to get feedback from readers who have taken steps in their own journey to be free of heart palpitations. I have so many success stories just like this one. Every once in...

Magnesium Deficiency and Heart Palpitations

The first symptoms of deficiency can be subtle as most magnesium is stored in the tissues, leg cramps, foot pain, or muscle twitches can be the first sign. Other early signs of deficiency include...

Canola Oil and Heart Palpitations

I've been talking about the effects of inflammation for a long time. We all know that inflammation is not good right? Also, you probably notice that any advertised medication or food usually touted to...

The Demographics of Heart Palpitations

The sad news is that the same situation with the medical industry exists today as it did back in 2002. Doctors continue to either ignore the obvious, or just blindly keep on pimping for...

Alkalinity And Heart Palpitations

The diet of our ancestors is completely different from what we are so accustomed to these days. With the advancement of technology, the types of foods we consume are dragged along. A trip to...

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