3 New Facts about Glucosamine


When you are chasing a monster, like heart palpitations is, you tend to get focussed on the here and now. Don’t overlook the power of glucosamine!

The Gats Magnesium Protocol

Acetyle L Carnitine and Fat Burning

I recently ran into a fellow who has been quietly working on his own palpitation situation. He believes he has discovered some meaningful breakthroughs in controlling palpitations.

Sleep Apnea and Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations

I’ve been researching heart palpitations since 2002. That is 15 years of testing products and talking with both patients and doctors from all over the world. Here is the bottom line – for those of you who might be new to this site:

Nitric Oxide and Heart Palpitations

Mercola on Palps

One of the ways that our blood pressure remains low is by using nitric oxide that is released into the bloodstream as a result of high-intensity exercises. Often people go to the gym and get their one-hour workout in. This will release nitric oxide, but the downside is that it will also create a lot of acid from burning oxygen at such a high rate. This leads to inflammation.  Also, you really can't do the gym routine more than once a day – if you are lucky!  A “NO” release two times or even three times in a day is best.

Who gets palpitations? Not kids right? They get NO releases several times a day as they play. But the office worker who sits all day drives to and from work and watches TV all night is just NOT going to benefit from any NO release.  Dr. Mercola offers this video below that will show you how to get your NO release in about 3 minutes!

Nitric Oxide can also help decrease pain, and a simple way to boost your body's Nitric Oxide production is by doing high-intensity exercises. In the video above, Dr. Mercola displays an updated version of the “nitric oxide dump” exercise designed by Dr. Zach Bush. If you have previously watched this video, please review it again as I recently updated it to correct a couple of errors and omissions that sneaked into my previous video.

You don't need any weights, and all it takes is three minutes, two to three times a day, with at least two hours between sessions. Be sure you're breathing through your nose and not your mouth.

Dr. Mercola is convinced that this gentler method– although it has not been evaluated or compared to other high-intensity interval training protocols (HIIT)– is a far healthier strategy to obtain the benefits of HIIT without any of the downsides. I only wish I had known about this more effective approach earlier. Depending on the type of pain you're struggling with, you might conceivably have the opportunity to control it through this natural NO boosting exercise.

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Dealing With Heart Palpitations and Afib

Heart Palps

The good news is that I know how to stop my palpitations – and I am no longer afraid or anxious about any signal that I’ll have another episode starting up. I have the tools to hammer this nasty little annoyance back into its horrid hole.