The Demographics of Heart Palpitations

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The sad news is that the same situation with the medical industry exists today as it did back in 2002. Doctors continue to either ignore the obvious, or just blindly keep on pimping for Big Pharma. Either way, it's damn maddening. I really wish that mankind could just do the right thing and not always be so concerned for the almighty dollar. Their only solution to heart palpitations continues to be that they tell patients that it is all in their heads; that the patient is fine; and that the patient should just cut out caffeine and exercise more, oh yes, and don't forget, start taking our beta blockers!

What makes this all worth while for me are talking with some of the great people from this blog.There have been some life-changing events for many of you and honestly, your reports often make me tear up. I think of Phil T, and his wife who turned the corner, and will now live a long and healthful life. Helping just one person makes it all worth it.

For what its worth, I have emails from 17 countries! Next to the issues in the USA, the hardest hit countries for palps are Australia, England, and India. I feel badly for Europe since the Aloe Gel that I recommend doesn’t seem available over there.

One other thing I did tonight was to list my personal supplement regimen on the right sidebar. Over the 12 years that I've been studying this stuff, these are the top supplements that I've found to be the most effective in keeping my on the right balance. Each of us will differ in our needs, but many of you have asked what I take, so there it is. All of the links point to I use Amazon simply because they are the number one retailer on the planet and they ship fast and never ever make a mistake.

People always ask about the latest research on palpitations. I continue to pound away at the risk factors related to palpitations, and not surprisingly, every time I find a factor, it leads me to three or four more factors. If I categorize the factors into groups, then a lot of the factors lead to the use of minerals. I have learned that as we get older (past 25) we begin to lose our ability to assimilate certain minerals. This process starts the slippery slope. You have a choice at this point. You can ignore the warning signs, and just go to your doctor to get symptomatic relief, or you can dig in and refuse to succumb to the ravages of mineral dysbiosis.

If you chose the first option, then expect to be on a half dozen medications, costing about $250 per month, by the time you are in your 60s. Expect it to never get better, and for new diseases to crop up as you age. In this scenario, you have increased your chances of getting cancer by about 5 times. If, on the other hand, you chose the second option, then expect to spend about $100 a month on whole food supplements and minerals, and expect to be on NO medications whatsoever. Your CRP readings will always be low and your body's response to inflammation will be powerful.

These two schools of though are really two very different paradigms. Those opting for the first scenario, are more likely to be avid TV watchers. They believe pretty much anything that is on TV or mainstream media without question. They are politically correct, and they don't rock any boats. Those opting for the second scenario are less likely to be avid TV watchers. They don't trust the government; They don’t much like bureaucrats; They don't like taking medication; and they are more likely to opt for a genuine fix over a coverup.

I know that some readers will be incensed by this article. It is the nature of the beast with group 1 thinkers. They have a hard time with facts. They reject evidence no matter how compelling. Their reality lenses must fit their political dogma, or they go into a tail spin. This choice is their personal choice and we should all be patient with these folks. I know they mean well and they are good people. My experience, however, in dealing with them through email frustrating. Many of them can never free themselves of palpitations because they cannot free their minds of the propaganda that has been their main diet for so many years.