Stop Heart Palpitations

If you surfed here from a Google search or YouTube search and you are one who suffers heart palpitations, then you've come to the right place.

I started studying this subject back in 2002, when I first had an attack. Like you, I felt like I was dying. And every time I had an attack I felt like I was dying. There was no way I could tolerate that so I embarked on a seven year journey to solve my problem.  

I had to solve it, because we both know that doctors have little or no interest in heart palpitations.  To them, you are just an opportunity to sell pharmaceutical drugs.

You will find a lot of articles and information on this site that are related to "inflammation".  Inflammation is at the root of most common palpitations.  Some people and many doctors like to think that it is an anxiety attack that triggers palpitations. They are wrong. It is exactly the opposite.  You've felt it.  The thud and bang and suddenly rapid heart rate. THEN the anxiety kicks in as you once again feel like you're dying.  

Long story short?  Get some Lily of the Desert brand Aloe gel and take one ounce three times a day - mixed with water or juice if you wish.  If all you have is common heart palpitations, this will settle you down right away.  Day 1.  After a week, you can taper back to just one ounce a day for a while, then finally one ounce a week will hold you!  If you need more detailed information on all of this, read the articles and stories on these pages!

Best Regards,
Nick M. Wash - 2016